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Serving the Mid-Missouri Area for Over 30 Years with Quality Excavation Contracting.

Project Management Excellence

Our experienced management team brings years of construction planning, implementation, and documentation to every project we are associated with. Our combined knowledge and experience in the construction industry is a valuable asset in solving complex issues encountered on a daily basis when undertaking projects of nay size or scope.

The Industry's Best Operators and Equipment

Jeff Schnieders Construction Company only employs the industry's best heavy equipment operators and laborers.

The superiority of work we provide speaks for itself.

Quality and safety are of the highest priorities.

All of our crews are equipped with high quality, late model equipment. Fewer breakdowns equate to less down time, higher efficiency, and better value for you. The wide range of equipment we utilize includes, but is not limited to, highlifts, excavators, dozers, backhoes, road graders, bobcats, rollers, rock chippers, and compactors.

Comprehensive Estimating & Quality Control

Our estimating team has implemented the use of  high-tech instrumentation with the AGTEK computerized takeoff system. This system allows us to more accurately determine material quantities in our estimating process, therefore being able to provide our customers with better value and competitive pricing.

Our utilization of GPS Grade Control also makes it possible to take our quality control to a higher level. This system allows us to utilize our computer takeoff on the project site to more precisely and efficiently determine grades and quantity progress.

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