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"The Housing Authority of Jefferson City, MO entered into contract with Jeff Schnieders Construction Company to perform the demolition of seven multi-level apartment buildings, as well as, the site work (doing both general and finish grading, including the installation of both sanitary and storm sewers)... Jeff Schnieders Construction was involved in cost management and developing a construction (demolition and site work) implementation plan for the work to be performed. They not only met, but far exceeded our expectations, performing very well in both cost containment and within the time allocations. The employees at Jeff Schnieders Construction have set themselves apart by not compromising quality and/or safety."

-Allen Pollock, PE

Executive Director

Jefferson City Housing Authority

Complete Construction Services

Pre-Construction Site Topo

Preliminary Grading Design

Consulting and Quality Control



Excavation and Grading

Site Preparation

Sanitary Sewer Installation

Storm Sewer Installtion

Water Line Installation

Rock Chipping

Lake Building

Subdivision Development

Road Construction

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